Custom Design

Supertronic designs and manufactures plastic injection molds of enclosures for electronic devices

For more than 50 years, we have designed and manufactured countless plastic enclosures for the electronics industry, both for our product line and for the specific needs of our customers. No matter what challenge you present, whether it's a compact portable device or a large, sophisticated desktop computer, we can create a custom plastic case perfect for you

Put your trust in our team of experts who will work with you to transform your design from a simple concept to a functional prototype and mold manufacturing, efficiently and without complications, ensuring you get the high-quality product you need.

Whatever stage you are in your project, we can intervene in any of these three points to adapt to your needs.

If you can imagine it, we can make it happen:
- DESIGN: Start your project in a discussion with our talented in-house design team. In this consultation, we identify the crucial aspects of your design. We can work from full CAD models, simple sketches, or even just a sample of your components.
- DEVELOPMENT: Then, we will technically design the mold and make a unique pre-production sample using 3D printing. We offer you the opportunity to see and feel what your final product will look and perform, allowing you to test and optimize the design before moving to the mold manufacturing stage.
- MANUFACTURING: Finally, we proceed to the production of the injection mold and the first authentic samples. Once approved, we begin internal production of the required volume.

Why should you trust us?

Our history of having designed and manufactured hundreds of injection molds for plastic enclosures guarantees our quality.

We have a team of experts and collaborators who carry out all the work with cutting-edge machinery, which allows us to offer quality molds at competitive prices.

We develop conceptual samples with 3D printing to ensure our customers get exactly the plastic enclosures they want, avoiding surprises.

We are supported by hundreds of success stories with our plastic enclosures and those designed for our clients.

We design, manufacture, and inject everything in Barcelona, so you have direct contact and can exhaustively monitor the entire process.

Our results, backed by the ISO:9001.2015 quality certification, guarantee maximum satisfaction.

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