Universal Enclosures

Supertronic has universal plastic enclosures for electronic and electrical devices

Multipurpose and current lines for all types of electronic equipment

Supertronic universal enclosures have been designed to cover a wide variety of electrical and electronic applications. Whether for desktop use, lectern, wall, roof or mobile or fixed with connections, these enclosures stand out for their versatility, aesthetics, ergonomics and reliability. Our extensive range includes multiple designs and basic formats, all with easy access for the installation of printed circuit plates and electronic components.

Depending on the cash model, you will find compartments for AAA, AA and 9V batteries, protection levels of up to IP67, components of integrated network connection, wall support kits, claps of clamping, hinges for front tapas and sealing options.

In addition, all our universal enclosures can be customized according to your requirements through our customization services: CNC machining, UV digital printing, adhesive cover, membrane keyboards, etc. In this way, we provide you with totally personalized solutions and ready to assemble with your components.

Do you need more help? Contact our SUPERTRONIC sales team to obtain personalized attention. We are here to help you find a complete solution to the encapsulation of your electronics.

Get to know our plastic enclosures for this family

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Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)
External: 136x76x50 mm
Internal: 128x68x39 mm
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Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)
External: 170x93x52 mm
Internal: 157x86x42 mm
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Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)
External: 127x47x23 mm
Internal: 67x43x14 mm
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