Remote Control Enclosures

SUPERTRONIC design plastic enclosures stylized for remote control electronic devices

Plastic enclosures for remote control electronic devices

The extensive catalog of Supertronic remote control enclosures is designed thinking about the comfort of the end user, with the size as a key factor to guarantee optimal functionality. These enclosures are used in various applications, such as medical devices, test equipment and control, and since users usually support them for long periods, it is essential to choose an adequate ergonomic enclosure to avoid user fatigue.

The larger models have a convex design that fits perfectly to the body curves, offering enough space for interfaces, while smaller models are especially manageable and discreet.

In addition, as accessories, we offer fastening clips to a belt or shirt, fixing eyelets to place tapes, belts, etc. In our ranges you will find enclosures for remote control with and without battery compartments, offering a wide variety of options in the case of which include compartments. The versatility of our range is the main reason why many customers choose our modern mobile enclosures.

Our remote control enclosures are popular for their resistance, which allows us to supply enclosures for remote control ideal for outdoor applications. These enclosures can withstand strong impacts caused by falls, a common risk in portable applications.

In our company, we know that each project is unique. Therefore, we offer the possibility of modifying all our remote control enclosures according to their exact requirements through our customization services: CNC machining, UV digital print and ready for assembly of its components.

Do you need more help? Do not hesitate to obtain an expert advice from our SUPERTRONIC sales team to learn more about our personalized solutions and discover how we can help you take your project to the next level.

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