Injection of Special Materials and Colors

Supertronic can customize the color or material of its models to adapt them to your required needs

More than 5 decades of experience injecting our plastic enclosures with special colors and materials according to the needs of our clients. Use your corporate colors or the required materials to make your enclosures unique, just as you imagine them

Trust our team of experts and discover the different possibilities and effects that color and material can have. We can advise you and provide you with any personalized solution you require. Let us help you!

If you can imagine it, we can make it happen:
- Use your colors to make your enclosures unique, just as you imagine. Discover the different possibilities and effects that color can have.
- Many of our boxes are also available in special colors upon request. For minimum quantities we will inject our models with special material, custom colors just for you.
- To match the selected color, using advanced techniques, we are able to dye the pre-extruded natural material to the most optimal reproduction quality. We offer custom color adjustments based on physical samples, dye palettes, and RAL or Pantone references.

Why should you trust us?

For a minimum quantity, you can order any of our models with a custom color and material.

To match the selected color, we can dye the corresponding already extruded natural material in optimal reproduction quality. Custom color adjustment is possible from samples, tint range, RAL or Pantone.

So that the selected material meets the specific regulations required, we can inject a customized material: fireproof, antibacterial, metal detectable,...

Alternatively, we can lacquer the enclosures in the color you want for a similar result.

We are backed by many success stories after more than 50 years injecting our own plastic enclosures.

We guarantee maximum satisfaction with our results, backed by the ISO:9001.2015 quality certification that governs all our internal processes.

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