Handheld Enclosures

Supertronic manufacture ergonomic plastic enclosures for handheld electronic devices

Attractive and avant -garde designs for handheld electronic devices

Supertronic's handheld plastic enclosures are modern and ergonomic, especially designed to adapt to the needs of our clients. We are proud to offer a wide range of sizes and styles, ideal for both interior and outdoor use.

The handheld enclosures of our brand combine an aesthetic and timeless design with exceptional ergonomics, guaranteeing safe and comfortable handling at all times. We are committed to offering solutions that adapt perfectly to the latest trends in electronic assemblies.

Our standard models include innovative features, such as battery compartments of various sizes (N, AAA, AA, C and 9V), PCB anchor points, compatibility with standardized screens, PCMCIA cards and varied connectors. In addition, our enclosures meet protection categories from IP54 to IP65 and offer reduced areas to protect membrane keyboards and product labels. With shock -resistant reinforced plastic options for industrial use or materials suitable for remote infrared applications, we make sure to cover all your needs.

Our extensive selection of accessories allows adding additional functions to the enclosures, such as fastening clips, ribbons, wall or table with food and data transmission contacts, and much more. Let us help you find the perfect hand enclosure, which adjusts to the dimensions and design that best suits your specific requirements.

In addition, all our hand enclosures can be customized according to your requirements through our customization services: CNC machining, UV digital printing, adhesive covers, membrane keyboards, etc. In this way, we provide you with totally personalized solutions and ready to assemble with your components.

Do you need more help? Contact our SUPERTRONIC sales team to obtain personalized attention. We are here to help you find a complete solution to the encapsulation of your electronics.

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