Electricity & Heavy Duty Enclosures

Supertronic manufactures robust plastic enclosures and practices for electric devices

Practicality and resistance for greater protection of electrical devices

The wide range of Supertronic Electricity & Heavy Duty Enclosures are designed thinking about robustness and assembly practicality. These enclosures are used in electric assemblies, therefore it is fundamental, that it is a resistant enclosure because many of them will be in the weather and at the same time they are easy to assemble.

Our extensive range of plastic enclosures are available with IP54, IP65 and even IP66 protections so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Our enclosures are manufactured under the highest quality standards, which guarantees a constant adjustment and finish in all our lots, thus, it may be sure that each enclosure will fulfill according to its IP. The IP54 is commonly specified for applications inside to ensure that an accidental spill or splash does not damage the equipment. IP65 and IP 66 are specified for hostile or outdoor interior environments.

We have a wide variety of sizes and surely you will find a model to fit your electronics. The wide versatility of models is one of the main reasons why many customers choose our enclosures again for their electrical assemblies.

All our electricity enclosures can be modified according to your needs through our customization services: CNC machining, UV digital printing, adhesive cover, membrane keyboards, etc. In this way, we can offer you a fully customized solution and ready to assemble with your components.

Do you need more help? Do not hesitate to obtain an expert advice from our SUPERTRONIC sales team to learn more about our personalized solutions and discover how we can help you take your project to the next level.

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