Reference PP014N
Reference PP014N
Color Black (RAL 9005)
The PP14 model of the Supertronic Simply series, a plastic box created for projects that seek to combine simplicity and functionality. This enveloping, made of robust ABS UL94-HB, is characterized by its gently rounded corners and its distinctive inclined surface, similar to a panel, which makes it the preferred choice for those who need a desktop box. With external measures of 120x56x35mm and an interior space of 116x51x13mm, it is perfectly suitable for hosting a variety of electronic devices. Its simple and effective design makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to sensors, control systems, monitoring, IoT, automation, smart buildings, remote control and HVAC. Available in standard colors such as black (RAL 9005) and White (RAL 9010), it fits different aesthetic needs. In addition, in line with SuperTronic's philosophy to offer customary solutions, the PP14 model can be customized with CNC machining options and UV digital printing to adapt to particular specifications of each project.
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)
External: 120x56x35 mm
Internal: 116x51x13 mm
Delivery date: Stock (Shipment in 24h for orders less than 1.000 units)

Technical specifications

Material ABS UL94-HB
Lid Type Inclined
Protection Level IP54
Closed Type By Rear Screws
External Length 120
External Width 56
External Height 35
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