We expand our catalog with a wide variety of plastic enclosures for electronics

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We expand our catalog with a wide variety of plastic enclosures for electronics

Supertronic, a leader in the design, manufacture, customization, and distribution of plastic enclosures for electronics in Spain, is pleased to announce a significant expansion of its product catalog. With the launch of new families and the expansion of existing ones, Supertronic reinforces its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for the encapsulation of electronic devices.

New additions to our catalog

- Sensors Enclosures: Modern and elegant designs, perfect for housing the electronic sensors of the future.

- Table-top & Instrumentation Enclosures: Designed for a wide range of electronic equipment, combining functionality and aesthetics.

- Wall Mount Enclosures: Versatility for wall or machine mounting, ideal for any environment.

- Electricity & Heavy Duty Enclosures: Robust and practical for safe and efficient electrical assemblies.

- Handheld Enclosures: Ergonomic and portable, designed for mobile devices.

- Desktop & Keyboard Enclosures: With ergonomic inclinations for comfortable and efficient access.

- Connectable Enclosures: Facilitate integration with standard systems for optimized connectivity.

- DIN Rail Enclosures: Specially designed for DIN rail installations, combining functionality and accessibility.

- Hinged Cabinets: IP67 protection for outdoor use, ensuring resistance and durability.

- Operator Panel Enclosures: Solutions for recessed mounting, perfect for discreet integrations in any space.

- IoT Enclosures: Specifically designed for Internet of Things devices, facilitating IoT innovation.

- Single-Board Computer Enclosures: Ideal for developers and technology enthusiasts working with mini computers.

- IP Protected Enclosures: Offer IP65, IP66, and IP67 protection to ensure safety against external elements.

- Ventilated Enclosures: Designed for devices that require ventilation, preventing overheating.

- Rack Mount Enclosures: Perfect for installing equipment in 19” cabinets and containers, maximizing space and organization.

- Accessories for Enclosures: A complete range of universal accessories that complement and enhance the functionality of all our enclosures.

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